AT&T AdWorks - AIR

AT&T AdWorks A.I.R allows users to deliver an unparalleled level of campaign insights and analytics. By working with over 100+ million subscriber connections and other leading data providers to deliver custom data that shows insights as well as the metrics that the user can define at the outset of the campaign.

The goal was to create a application for iOS that would allow sales team members to quickly generate a campaign and not have to look up historical tabular data that would take time

Working closely with product and sales I lead the design team by creating a “less is more” approach to the design. I helped create a design solution that was based off "business questions" for the campaign. Each question had one or more data visualization assigned to it. To make it easier for the user to understand the data we created a list view and a chart view Each question was carefully selected the appropriate visualization and was closely evaluated based off research and what would work best for the user. We allowed the user to sort the data by day of week, weekly, and month. We finally designed a global way to to see the performance of the data in a timeline based view while also analyze the individual business question data for the campaign.